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!!!!! Dear participants,!!!!!

We want to tell the leaders and community of MMM India that our system's father, idological Mr. Sergey Mavrodi, who is no longer in our midst, died on 26/03/2018, it was a tragic incident for the participants of MMM We had to stop the system for a while, now we will all try together to advance their ideology, that will be the real tribute to all of us! Keep in mind that we can all change the lives of people in our community,

MMM India is being  by some former MMM Administrative team and it will continue till long time with the support of all the participants. The MMM Administration is hopeful.

We are happy to inform you that your own system, MMM India, is restarting with new passion, we have full hopes that participants' activities will increase day by day. Many new participants in the country's  will be present by our partner (existing) participants who show your perception about our system and ideology. This is an important information that we all want to reach members of the MMM community!

All participants are requested, that you also inform friends that the MMM India System has been restarted, once again you can get help with MMM Ideology and get help!
We are very happy to inform you that the system is participating in very well being 1000 participant systems with the cooperation of all of you. With the help of all of you, the system has started releasing the old mavro with which Our old participants are also returning to the system. There are some technical problems in the system which is still working on the technical team,

For more information about the MMM community, always read the news from the MMM Administration and "always beware with scammers".

                                                                      Good Luck ! Together we can change the world.
                                                                                    "MMM Administration"

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Dear participants, 
        we are going to tell you here in the system every day thousands of participants in the participating system .We believe that together we will reach the system's Ideology to every house. i am Believe,Starting the order dispatch,all the participants are ready to order complete .Finally I believe financial apocalypse is necessary. 'Together we can change the world'
                                                                                                                                                                              MMM Administration

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Dear Participants,
** Nothing Is Better than MMM |

Worldwide MMM BIG Movement is going to be a great world! Yes, we started seeing the very first round of experience, now this great revolution is going to be a world-wide form !!

Now the MMM is not different at all but simply brothers have come to add a RULES !! The strength of this movement has also become strong !!

This time everyone's mathematics is going to spread !! No one can do any math, he is going to be there now! Perhaps we never imagined that people could do it or not !! Now a new chemistry will be used

 All the fake people are going out of the system !! 10 times good and honest Participants on it day by day the system is growing !! We are proud that we are with MMM! And with this you are going to get the fruits that will be the best days of your life, one day from me !!
Just take the brothers on your work, and this revolution is no longer allowed to stop !! now this change will remain
By the way, I believe financial apocalypse is necessary. Together we can change the world.
Thanks ~

MMM India has started again. Again with the same passion With new rules Now there will be no Fake ID.

New Rules ............
1- A pen card will look like an ID!
2- Old mail and mobile number will run!
3- A bank will have to fill an ID!
4- Minimum 1000 Maximum 50000!
5- 30% growth will happen. You can get the ID after the conform! To become a 
6 - 10 manager, 10 will have to direct!
7- Multi ID can ever be a block!
8- Just use your free money!
9- 5000 provide help get a $ 20 bonus
10 - 10% referral will be!
11- 3% bank bonus
12-Old Mavro For Support Ticket

** Join mmmindia for help each others

So this is Called The True & Real Help Ideology !!!!
Long Live MMM INDIA Community !!!!

                                                                                      MMM Administration

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Dear participants ,
           we are  glad to inform you that MMM INDIA is restart as you know that our great leader and founder of MMM Late Mr. Sergey Mavrodi  is not with us that's why we stop the MMM for some time in respect of Sergey mavrodi sir, now we decided to restart MMM and set a new milestone in our journey as Sergey Mavrodi sir, expected, we expect your love and kind to move forward the ideology of MMM and make Sergey Mavrodi  sir dream come true. This is the right way to tribute our great leader. Thanks to all who support the system and follow the ideology of MMM and Late our be are love  Leader Mr.Sergey Mavrodi .for more information and update please visit only official website https://www.mmm-india.net and https://www.mmm-0ffice.com 

                                                                                                                                                                   We Can do a lot Together
                                                                                                                                                                       MMM Administration


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MMM Organization Launches Promo-Task Contest


MMM Organization has announced a launch of promo-task contests. A relevant section has been created for the contest in the Personal Office (PO). The first contest starts today, on Monday, August 21, and ends on Sunday, September 3.

What is the contest procedure? Now the Community members get points for completing promo-tasks: from one point (for an easy task) to multiple points (for complex tasks). The number of points received can be seen in the ‘Promo-Tasks’ section in PO. Points are awarded to you immediately after the task is approved by the moderator. If the moderator rejects a task, they will usually add a comment that you should take into consideration when you are going to submit the task for the second time.

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MMM Organization is looking for loyal, ambitious and responsible leaders!


Dear friends! :-)) The mutual-aid fund MMM is actively developing and constantly improving worldwide. We become better and better, therefore we are looking for loyal leaders who are strive to move only forward and want to build big structures!

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How to get the guider's panel in offline mode.


Dear MMM Organization Participants! In response to your numerous requests, we have introduced the possibility of getting the guider’s panel in offline mode.

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MMM News Digest - 25/12/2017


Welcome, dear friends! ;-)) Firstly, we would like to wish you Merry Christmas and happy New Year! We wish you all the best - welfare, prosperity, love, happiness and health! Let all your dreams come true, we wish you a lot of pleasant moments and unforgettable impressions. We wish you peace, kindness and wonderful mood! :-))

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How to Defeat Lack of Self-Confidence


Being uncertain about your own strength is the worst enemy of your success. A person who doesn't believe in themselves will never achieve anything. Read this article to find out how you can get rid of uncertainty.

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3 Exercises to Develop Emotional Stability


Emotional stability helps you a lot in achieving success. If you are not emotionally stable, learn how to get there. This article features some exercises to help you.

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